Engineering Technology Teacher Vacancies

Recruitment of Sinhala and Tamil Medium Technology Teachers for Teacher Vacancies Existing in the Engineering Technology of the New Technology Stream of G.C.E. (Advanced Level) - 2015

Applications are invited from eligible diploma holders in Motor Mechanism, Construction Technology, Electric and Electronic Technology and Megatronic Technology to be recruited as teachers to grade 3 - I (c) of Sri Lanka Teachers' Service as per the Teachers' Service Minute for existing teacher vacancies in Sinhala and Tamil media in the subject of Engineering Technology in secondary schools with Technology laboratories.

1.1 General Qualifications :
(i) Should be a citizen of Sri Lanka
(ii) Should possess a good character and to be a healthy physical and mental condition
(iii) Should be not less than 18 years and not more than 35 years as at 2015-12-21
1.2 Educational Qualifications :
(a) Candidates should have obtained either an Advanced National Diploma or a Diploma after successful completion of a diploma related to motor mechanism, construction technology, electric and electronic technology and megatronic technology awarded by either of the following institutions. as on 2015-12-21 as per Sri Lanka Teachers' Service Minute.
(i) Four year Higher National Diploma in Engineering (HNDE) awarded by Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced
    Technological Education (SLIAT)
(ii) National Diploma in Technology (NDT), a three year diploma awarded by University of Moratuwa
(iii) Four year National Diploma in Engineering (NDES) awarded by Engineering Technology Institute,        
(iv) Diploma in Technology (DT) awarded by Open University of Sri Lanka.
(v) Higher Diploma relevant to level 6 of National Vocational Qualification (NVQ Level 6) awarded by      
     institutions approved by Sri Lanka Tertiary and Vocational Training Commission.
(vi) Diplomas in NVQ Level 5 or NVQ Level 6 qualifications in local or foreign sphere approved as equal to     above diplomas by the Commission to Equalize and Empower the Vocational Qualification of National    
    Apprentice and Technical Training Authority.
(vii) Courses in NVQ Level 5 qualified in the Department of Industrial Education and Training. "National Certificate in Technology (Civil) - (NCT - Civil) "National Certificate in Technology (Mechanical) - (NCT - Mechanical) "National Certificate and Industrial Technology (Civil) - (NCIT - Civil)
(viii) National Engineering Technology Diploma, Level 5 (NDET - Civil - NVQ Level 5) issued by Vocational Technology University (Sri Lanka National Institute on Technology Education)

Note: Only the higher national diploma and diploma holders undergone the diploma courses and higher national diploma courses appeared from i to viii above will be considered , Any other diplomas or higher national diplomas other than the above will not be considered.

Applicant should have passed G.C.E. (O/L) and G.C.E. (A/L) as follows as per the recognized policy of the Ministry of Education.
(i) They should have passed Sinhala or Tamil Language as a subject in not more than two attempts, within two (2) successive years at the General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level examination.
(ii) They should have passed three subjects under the new syllabus of the G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination other than the General paper in one sitting.

Note: Those who have passed examinations recognized by the Commissioner General of Examination as being equivalent to local G.C.E. (O/L) and G.C.E (A/L) can also apply.

2. Method of Recruitment and Conditions of Service :
2.1 If the number of applicants exceeds the number of existing vacancies as per this advertisement the Commissioner General of Examination shall conduct a competitive Examination as ordered by the Appointing Authority. Applicants will be selected for school based appointment to existing teacher vacancies on the results of an interview for which applicants will be announced in order of the total marks obtained at this examination. Applicants who do not possess the qualifications specified in this advertisement will not be announced for the interview.

2.2 When the number of applications received is less than the number of existing vacancies a competitive examination will not be held. In such an instance applicants will be required to appear only for a structured interview for recruitment to the Teachers' Service.

2.3 An applicant can apply for teacher vacancies only in 03 schools listed in schedule. 2 . Applicant will not later be permitted to alter the schools and their order of placement, as they desire.

2.4 Applications of those who have already received an appointment as a teacher to a national school or a Provincial council School to teach Engineering Technology and are already in the Teachers Service will be rejected.

Note.– when the number of applicants exceeds the number of existing vacancies for a subject in a given school priority will be given to applicants according to the rank order of the total marks obtained at the competitive examination .When a number of applicants to teach a subject in a given school have obtained the same total marks Priority will be given according to distance to the school. Applicants who qualify on the above stated criteria will be recruited.

2.5 A selected applicant will be appointed to grade 3-1 (a) of the Sri Lanka Teacher's Service, subject to general conditions applicable to government appointments and conditions specified in the Sri Lanka Teachers' Service Minute and amendments there to already effected or to be effected in the future. The monthly salary scale for this post will be according to public administration circular No. 6 / 2006 (XII) dated 02.12.2014 and the prescribed salary scale for this post will be Rs. 13,410 - 145 x 6 - 180 x 7 - 215 x 2 - Rs. 15,970/- per month , under salary segment G.E. 1 - 2006. You will be placed on the monthly salary of Rs. .14,280/- which is the 7th step on this scale.

2.6 This posts are permanent and pensionable.

2.7 Recruitments will be made according to provisions in section of the Sri Lanka Teachers' Service Minute published in the gazette extraordinary of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka No. 1885/38 , dated 23.10.2014.Promotions will be granted according to the Sri Lanka Teachers' Service Minute. Any particular matter not covered by this gazette notification will be subject to provisions of the Teachers' Service Minute.

3. Application Procedure :
3.1 Applications should be prepared in accordance with the specimen form provided herewith, using both sides of a paper of size A4 and should be completed by the applicant himself/herself personally. Special attention should be paid to each cages 1.0 to 3.5 on the first page and the remaining cages from 4.0 onwards , in order on page 2. Applications that are not in according with the specimen application form and applications with incomplete information will be rejected without notice to the applicant. ( It may be useful to retain a photocopy of the application) The applicant should check whether the application is complete is in conformity with the specimen application form given in the Gazette notification. If there is lack of conformity the application may be rejected. In the Sinhala application the title of the examination at the head should be written in English also, in addition to Sinhala, and in the Tamil application , in English also in addition to Tamil.

3.2 The subject applied for the order of placement of the schools will not be changed under any circumstances. Appeals entitled in this correction will not considered,

3.3 One applicant can submit only one application.
3.4 The Signature of the applicant should be certified by a Principal of a government school, Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Oaths, Attorney-at-Law, Notary - Public, Commissioned Officer of the armed forces, Police officer holding a Gazetted post or government officer holding a permanent post with a basic salary above in Rs. 240,360/- per anum.

3.5 Correctly completed applications should be sent to "Commissioner General of Examinations , Organizations and Foreign Examinations Branch, Sri Lanka Department of Examinations, P.O. Box 1503, Colombo" by registered post so as to reach him on or before 21-12-2015. The top left hand corner of the envelope should compulsorily be marked "Recruitment of Sinhala and Tamil Medium Technology Teachers for Teacher Vacancies Existing in the Engineering Technology of New Technology Subject Stream of G.C.E. (Advanced Level) - 2015"

Method of the Examination and Medium :
7.1 This examination will be conducted in Sinhala and Tamil media and will be held only in Colombo .

8. Syllabus.– The number of question papers prescribed for this examination is two. Both this question papers consist of multiple-choice and short answered questions as started below. It is compulsory that all applicants sit for both these papers.
01 Aptitude -Time 01 ½ hours ( Marks 100)
This question paper is aimed at testing the applicant's teaching skills, logical thinking and ability at decisions making . This paper consist of 60 multiple choice and short answer questions. Applicants should answer all questions.
02. General Knowledge -Time 01 ½ hours ( Marks 100)
This question paper is aimed at testing candidates general knowledge pertaining to the field of education and / or general knowledge regarding present and former trends in Sri Lankan education and general knowledge regarding modernization of education. This paper consist of 60 multiple choice and short answer questions candidates are required to answer all questions.

9. Examination Fees.– The Examination fee is Rs. 500/-. Which may be paid at any post office / sub post office in the island. The examination fee should be credited to income head 2003-02-13 of the Commissioner General of Examinations and a receipt obtained in the name of the applicant of himself / herself. The receipt obtained should be posted and the number of the receipt entered in the appropriate cage of the application.(it will be useful to retain a photocopy of the receipt) Money orders or stamps will not be accepted for the payment of the examination fee. Under no circumstances will the examination fee, any paid be refunded or transferred to another examination.

Closing Date: 21/12/2015

Commissioner General of Examinations
Organizations and Foreign Examinations Branch, 
Sri Lanka Department of Examinations, 
P.O. Box 1503, Colombo

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